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To provide short-term opportunities to share one’s faith and demonstrate God’s love practically, supporting WEC ministries worldwide for the purpose of glorifying God.

We want to see short-term missions with long-term results.

More about WEC USA’s Short-Term Programs

WEC Core

WEC Core is a 2 year program for those 20 years or older who want to do a study program to expand their call to missions.


WEC Trek sends out individuals who are 18 years or older for 3-12 months for a missions discipleship experience.

Discovery Program

Discovery sends out individuals 18 years or older as individuals for less than 3 months or on Discovery Teams for 2-6 weeks to explore the world of missions.

DIVE INTO international team trips

DIVE INTO is one of WEC’s short-term mission programs, designed for young people aged 18 to 35. These programs range from 2-12 weeks. DIVERS come from all over the world to become one team.

Short-Term Opportunities for Serving

The WEC USA Short-Term Department has our short-term opportunities listed on a great website called MissionGuide (formerly ShortTermMissions.com). Search Opportunities to find one that fits you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQs

Have more questions about what the Core, Trek & Discovery short-term programs are like? Read more about them on the next page.

Trip FAQs

What are the Core, Trek & Discovery short-term trips like? Click to find out more about what happens on these trips.

Short Term Accreditation

WEC USA Short-Term Department is an accredited member of MissionExcellence (formerly the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Mission).

Pre-Field Manual

For WEC Short-Term participants
(requires a login account for access.)

Serve Short-Term with WEC
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