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Reaching People | Planting Churches | Mobilizing For Missions

1 in 3 people won’t hear the good news . . . ever . . . unless you help!

God’s Passion is Our Passion. Is it Yours?

The Good News

God’s passion is that no one departs from this life without making things right with Him, but many are not hearing that message. The Good News is about how God has made a way to make things right through Jesus!

Reaching, Planting And Mobilizing

WEC’s objectives are to share that good news around the world (Reaching People), help gather new believers into churches (Planting Churches), and help churches at home and abroad raise up more workers to fulfill God’s passion (Mobilizing for Missions).

Will You Join Us?

In Matthew 9:37-38 Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Workers are needed. Will you join us?

Opportunities to Serve

WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) is a multicultural, interdenominational church-planting mission agency, committed to finding new, creative and culturally-relevant ways of doing missions. Missions in this context is challenging. We don’t always get things right but our heart’s desire to is to serve God’s passion in the way he is leading us. Would you like to join us? Click on Know More About Serving with WEC to see what kind of programs we offer.

Where would you like to serve? What would you like to do? Click on Find Opportunities to Serve. This will take you to our WEC UK website where you can do a search. Find one you like? Don’t click on the UK’s “Enquire Now” button. Copy the “Our ref number” and come back to our WEC USA Contact Us form to ask about it. You’ll get a quicker response.

Tears of the Saints

Thanks to Asia Link and History Makers for expressing our heart to reach the lost.

The need for reaching out to the world is not finished. The work of bringing the gospel to the world and planting churches must continue. Are you willing to send, pray or go?

Our Objectives

What is Reaching People all About?

Reaching People is sharing the best news ever heard with those who have never had the opportunity to hear it until now. It’s about leading people to faith in Jesus so they can be forgiven of their sins and begin an eternal relationship with Him.

What is Planting Churches all About?

Planting Churches is about gathering believers together as they learn to obey all that Jesus has taught us. A church is a local community where people support each other as they learn and grow together.

What is Mobilizing for Missions all About?

Mobilizing is raising awareness among God’s people of the need to complete the Great Commission and equipping new workers whom God is calling to go to the unreached.

What do You want to Know?


Did you know that WEC International has more than 100 years of history? Learn about WEC’s distinctives.


We need teachers, engineers, medical personnel and others with a heart for the unreached. How could you help?


Is God calling you to equip others to go to the unreached? Sending is a vital role!


Discover how God is moving today and check out these awesome testimonies.

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