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Discovery Program

What’s Discovery?

  • Discovery trips for individuals (or with a friend, spouse or family)
    Do you have special skills that could be helpful to missionaries overseas? Or do you want to get a bigger picture of life and work on the mission field for 1-3 months? This individual trip is geared to let you explore missions. WEC works in over 70 countries. Where do you want to go?
  • Discovery Team trips are taken by three to ten people who meet together for orientation, bond as a team, travel to another country for a two- to four-week summer mission trip led by an experienced WEC missionary, return for debrief and go home changed.
  • Form your own Discovery Team If you know a group of people who are interested in forming a team but who want help in finding where to go and how to do a missions trip, we can help! Contact us about team trips.
  • OR Look into the DIVE INTO international teams (also a Discovery program) where you join young people from around the world to form a team

What will you discover?

What it’s like to live immersed in a different culture and language.

Discover the joys and frustrations of cross-cultural relationships.

How you respond to living a long way from home and well out of your comfort zone.

How missionaries respond to the challenges of ministry.

Perhaps, discover where God is leading you next!

Who can go on a Discovery Trip?

You, if you love and trust Jesus as your savior and are at least 18 years old.

If you’re from the USA and are interested in Discovery, fill in and submit our Contact form and we’ll contact you.

If you don’t live in the USA, you can apply through the WEC Short-Term office nearest you.

More about WEC USA’s Short-Term Programs

WEC Core

WEC Core is a 2 year program for those 20 years or older who want to do a study program to expand their call to missions.


WEC Trek sends out individuals who are 18 years or older for 3-12 months for a missions discipleship experience.

DIVE INTO international team trips

DIVE INTO is one of WEC’s short-term mission programs, designed for young people aged 18 to 35. These programs range from 2-12 weeks. DIVERS come from all over the world to become one team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQs

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Trip FAQs

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Discovery Program
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