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Serve as a Volunteer

We can Use Your Talents

The WEC USA campus is where we not only work to train, support and care for our WEC USA missionaries, it is also the campus where US Staff live. There are lots of opportunities to serve on our campus as a volunteer.

We can use anyone who wants to use their God-given talents to work in a community that’s trying to advance the gospel. Can you cook, clean, rake leaves, answer phones, perform maintenance tasks or help with childcare and homeschooling? These are just a few of the jobs that need to be done.  We can also use accountants, engineers, IT specialists, etc.

About Volunteering

Length of stay

You can volunteer for a week to several months, depending on accommodation availability. (If you live locally, we encourage you to set aside a weekly time to serve. However, we welcome any time you want to offer.)


Our typical schedule is eight hours a day, five days a week. Most weekends are free. However, we can be very flexible in designing a schedule that’ll work for you.


The only requirements we have are for you to be at least 18 years old and provide recommendations, a background check and a written testimony of your faith in Christ.

Benefits of Volunteering

As a volunteer, you’ll participate in community life working alongside others with a heart for the gospel.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from our international community and to pray corporately for missionaries and people groups around the globe.

Advancing the spread of the gospel. “You cannot evangelize the world without a strong home base.”1 By working at the sending base, you help to equip and encourage the missionaries who work internationally. It is a home for training, equipping, housing staff, retirees and visiting workers. Your help will ensure that the vital work at this supporting branch continues! “God is raising up a whole new army of home-front believers whose lives are saturated with a passion for His global cause.”2  Will you be a part of God’s army by volunteering?

1A. W. Ruscoe, The Lame Take the Prey
2Bob Sjogren / Bill & Amy Stearns, Run With a Vision

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Do you love to cook? Why not hang out with our team of cooks and help prepare evening meals for WEC USA staff, candidates, retirees and guests (80–100 people).

Every year Camp Hill hosts hundreds of guests. Keeping public areas and guest rooms clean is a big job for our small household staff. Why not satisfy some of your cleaning urges and come and lend a helping hand?

With 18 acres of yard, an old stone mansion, two apartment buildings, two office buildings, shops and a quarter-mile driveway this 120-year-old estate requires just a little amount of upkeep. So if you like yard work, carpentry, plumbing, painting, wiring and fixing all sorts of stuff, we’ve got just the job for you.

Don’t you just hate those computerized phone menus? So do we. But right now our office doesn’t have a receptionist. Could God be calling you to be the answer (pun intended) to our phone problem?

Each year WEC USA hosts two three-month orientations for WEC long-term missionary candidates and their families. Most orientations require child-care for babies and pre-schoolers while moms and dads are in class. So, if you love kids, have some time to give and can pass our security clearance, why not come and help out?

Many of our long-term candidate parents in training don’t want to send their kids to a new school for just three months, so they choose to home school instead. But teaching and attending orientation creates a pretty heavy work load. You could lighten that load by exercising your teaching skills and helping their kids. A security clearance is required.

You can be a part of supporting missionaries who are taking the gospel to unreached people! A volunteer is needed to assist the WEC USA Directors. Tasks include scheduling appointments, organizing and filing paperwork, receptionist duties, etc. Qualifications include experience with Microsoft Word, organizational skills, and a friendly disposition. Find more information at this link.

Are you interested in being a volunteer?

Fill in the Contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

At this time, WEC USA is only able to consider volunteer applicants who are US citizens, due to difficulties in procuring visas for foreigners. If you are not a US citizen, please do not inquire about volunteering opportunities, UNLESS you currently possess a valid US visa. Thank you

Serve as a Volunteer
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