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Pray Globally

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer is absolutely vital to WEC’s ministry.

“Prayer is at the heart of the adventure of learning to live in the company of God. It forms the core of the God-us relationship, so it is here that the reality of God-with-us has its greatest impact. Grasping the truth of his immediate presence will transform our praying and, in doing so, shape the way we live. God’s constant presence gives the call to ‘pray continually’ a compelling urgency and relevance.”

David Macmillan – Wingspan

Partnering with God in Prayer

“ ‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the LORD. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.’ (Is. 55:8) There’s something special about when we hear what God’s thoughts are and pray them out. We want to know what the hurdles are so we can pray specifically. Learning to be specific in our prayers is frequently what motivates our listening to the Father, understanding His heart or perspective, or discerning what is happening in the unseen. I think this is part of what it means to partner with God in prayer – he makes things known to us (in a variety of ways) so that we can pick up the work in prayer.”


Prayer Resources

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Pray Globally
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