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Member Care Resources

Suggested Member Care Books and Websites

There are many books and websites on serving and caring for His servants and workers. It is also vital to provide pastoral care to missionaries, missionary kids, global servants and their families.

Missionary CareResources for missions and mental health
Heart Stream ResourcesServing and caring for His servants who provide vital help to people around the world
Barnabas InternationalProviding pastoral care to missionaries, MKs, global servants and their families
Narramore Christian FoundationPreventing and solving human problems, anxiety, depression, relational conflicts, and psychological disorders through psychological counseling
Headington InstituteProviding psychological and spiritual support to relief and development workers worldwide
Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices From Around the WorldA comprehensive book by Kelly O’Donnell about member care around the world
Serving and caring for His servants who provide vital help to people around the world

More About Missionary Care

Use the contact form if you have questions about Missionary Care.

Useful Ways Churches Can Care for Their Missionaries

Although WEC is very intentional about providing member care services for our workers, it’s important for you as a sending church to join us in this endeavor.

Caring for our Missionary Children

The Purpose of the WEC USA Missionary Kids (MK) Department is to serve WEC MKs and their families in ways that help the MKs gain strong spiritual roots and wings, lead fruitful lives for Christ, and find their place in God’s Kingdom.

Member Care Resources
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