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Caring for our Missionary Children

Caring for Our Missionary Children & their Families


The Purpose of the WEC USA Missionary Kids (MK) Department is to serve WEC MKs and their families in ways that help the MKs gain strong spiritual roots and wings, lead fruitful lives for Christ and find their place in God’s Kingdom.


We believe that all children are of great value and that MKs play an integral part in God’s plan for the nations. They have a tremendous ability to impact the world in significant ways.

We are committed to serving MKs and their families by:

  • Praying regularly for them as an MK Department and during WEC prayer times.
  • Giving age appropriate training for life overseas through MKIT (Missionary Kids in Training), which may include children of families going overseas both long-term and short-term.
  • Supporting them while on the field.
  • Connecting with them during Home Leave when visiting WEC.
  • Assisting them in transition & reentry.
  • Ministering to adult MKs as God leads.
  • Providing resources for MKs.
  • Being a channel of communication.
  • Providing a ‘Flow of Care’ for WEC MKs from the time of their parents’ Candidate Orientation through their college graduation.

Flow of Care for Missionary Children

from Pre-field up to Adulthood

  • Screening – The Candidate Department in coordination with the MK Dept., screens children of families coming to the Candidate Orientation.
  • Candidate Orientation (CO): During CO, the candidates receive teaching on the Missionary Family, MK Education, MKs in WEC, and Child Protection. Extra parental support is available according to individual needs (counseling, educational advice, etc.).
  • MKIT (Missionary Kids in Training)
    • During CO, the MK Dept. runs MKIT so that children have age-appropriate training to prepare them to go overseas with their families. This helps children bond with WEC, gain practical and emotional preparation to go to another culture, understand their identity and see that God’s plan for mission involves the whole family.
    • Its focus is K-12.
    • It begins with an interview with parents to determine their children’s needs.
    • It gives parents of pre-schoolers resources to meet the needs of younger children.
    • Upon completion of MKIT, children receive special recognition.
  • Maintaining connections with parents and children by phone, letter, email, video chat, etc.
  • Sending small gifts and notes with travelers.
  • Sending Middle & High School-aged MKs the email letter “We Connect.”
  • Advocating for and encouraging MKs.
  • Sending encouraging recorded videos to help them deal better with the everyday challenges and contribute to their spiritual growth.
  • Meeting MKs to listen to their experiences in an informal setting when they come to the home branch.
  • Planning a special MK event during the annual USA conference and coordinating with any childcare workers.
  • Arranging connections between visiting MKs with home staff kids whenever possible.
  • Communicating with families while in the States.
  • Helping parents think through issues involving their children.
  • Informing parents and teens about re-entry camps and helping families prepare high schoolers for their transition to a long-term stay in the US.
  • Debriefing MKs.
  • Sending graduation cards and gifts.
  • Visiting young adult MKs in college when possible
  • Sending encouraging mail when possible
  • Facilitating events to bring college-aged/young adult MKs together when possible.
  • Interacting with adult ATCKs as opportunities arise.
  • Building positive and encouraging relationships with our staff kids and their parents.
  • Doing different activities during the year to encourage fellowship within the staff kids.
  • Sharing in a once a month encounter with youth focused on spiritual growth and fellowship.

More About Missionary Care

Use the contact form if you have questions about ministry to MKs at home and abroad.

Useful Ways Churches Can Care for Their Missionaries

Although WEC is very intentional about providing member care services for our workers, it’s important for you as a sending church to join us in this endeavor.

Member Care Resources

There are many books and websites on serving and caring for His servants and workers. It is also vital to provide pastoral care to missionaries, missionary kids, global servants and their families.

Caring for our Missionary Children
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