WEC’s Financial Ethos

Our financial policy centers on a simple reliance on God to provide everything we need. We aim to base financial decisions on God’s leading rather than fixed budgets and seemingly closed doors. (Matthew 6:33; Philippians 4:11-13, 19 and Matthew 28:19, 20)


WEC International is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization since 1941.
All contributions to WEC International are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes.

Yes, we are happy to provide a copy of our most recent financial statement to anyone who requests one.
If you have more questions about WEC’s financial policy or the financial situation of a WEC member, feel free to contact the WEC USA Finance Director.

Onsite WEC ministry teams determine a base support and start-up figure for each new member that includes items such as:
• Housing
• Transportation
• Food
• Communication
• Utilities
• Start-up & furlough
• Ministry
• Language study
We then add certain home country expenses like taxes, tithing, insurance, etc. to establish a reasonable and realistic level.

Many agencies provide a package of benefits that typically includes medical and life insurance, a retirement strategy, and sometimes, children’s education. We operate a bit differently. Like people who are self-employed, WEC members secure for themselves those medical and retirement strategies that best fit their particular situations. While we do not provide any of these benefits, we do give our members guidance and assistance in making decisions. Ultimately, the needs of all cross-cultural workers are met by God-prompted contributions from faithful support teams.

As they share their vision for the world with churches, small groups and individuals, God faithfully provides prayer and financial support teams for our missionaries. We do not make financial appeals. But we freely share our needs with those who ask.

Yes. Simply ask the member directly or inquire through our Finance office.

No. All home staff workers receive support in the same way as personnel abroad.


1) Mail a Check
Make your check payable to “WEC International.” Indicate your preference for the ministry of specific persons, projects or areas on a separate sheet of paper. Mail your contribution to WEC International, PO Box 1707, Fort Washington, PA 19034-8707. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt in return.

2) Online through the DONATE button on this page)

3) We can set up regular giving for you from either your bank account or your credit card. Done this way, you don’t need to remember a log in and password; you just communicate with our office by letter, email or phone whenever you want a change.

4) Regular Giving Managed by Your Own Bank

5) Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA. Ask your investment company to include a memo stating your preference for the designation. If they can’t, you can communicate that directly with us using the form below.

Yes. Unfortunately a portion of each credit/debit card gift is deducted by the card companies and online giving provider before they forward the gift to us. Currently it amounts to 2.85% – 3.1% of each gift, plus a $.50 fixed fee per gift. A $10 card gift would have $.79; a $1000 card gift would have $29.00 deducted. Gifts by eCheck have only 0.5% of each gift, plus a $.50 fixed fee per gift. So a $1000 eCheck would have $5.50 deducted.

Yes. Contact our Finance Director for details.

Fill in the Contact form and ask your financial questions.

Or By Mail or Phone:
Finance Department
WEC International
PO Box 1707
Fort Washington, PA 19034
(215) 646-2322 ext. 3461
(Weekdays 8:00AM-5:30PM Eastern Time)

When requested by a donor, non-monetary contributions are acknowledged with an official Gift Acknowledgement Letter that is acceptable to the IRS..

No. We meet all of our administrative operating expenses from contributions so designated, as well as from undesignated contributions. The only deductions we make are the actual bank / card company fees and cost of receipting.

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